About openlava

openlava is open-source software for distributed resource management. It is a fork of Platform Lava, which was positioned by Platform Computing as an entry-level workload management system. The not very well known fact is that Platform Lava is actually based on Platform LSF™ from version 4.2, and that this version of Platform LSF was in use at many companies who would be well characterized as "beyond entry-level" and certainly beyond the incorrectly advertised cluster size of 512 nodes.
Scalable and robust, openlava is suitable for heavy duty production clusters, with hundreds of nodes, thousands of cores and jobs.

  • openlava is supported on Linux x86_64 and distributed as a RPM package.
  • openlava is licensed under GNU General Public License version 2.
  • The Source code is available on github where there's also a growing openlava community.
  • Installation is simple. openlava runs right out of the box.
  • There's also easy to use "How To" style documentation.
  • The installer does all the heavy lifting. It automatically creates the openlava user, installs the openlava startup script, and installs the user shell initialization scripts.
  • The default cluster name can be customized during installation.
  • Supports installation in a shared file system.
  • openlava commands and daemons are now statically linked.
  • They can use openlava with their existing script infrastructure.
  • There's no learning curve for administrators that already know how to use openlava's ancestor.