About OpenLava

OpenLava is a 100% free, open-source, IBM® Platform LSFTM compatible workload scheduler that supports a variety of HPC and analytic applications. With thousands of downloads, and hundreds of installations, OpenLava is scalable and robust - production proven on clusters with thousands of cores and jobs.

Because OpenLava is command-line and file-format compatible with most Platform LSF features, OpenLava will be familiar to users and administrators alike. Organizations can take advantage of hundreds of commercial and open-source software integrations. They can retain their investments in scripts, integrations and skills and be productive quickly, unencumbered by commercial license restrictions.

Users or developers can obtain the OpenLava source code directly from GitHub or obtain tarballs containing source code from the Downloads tab.

  • 100% open-source
  • IBM Platform LSF compatible
  • Leverage hundreds of existing integrations

A wealth of features

With an active community of users and developers, OpenLava development is accelerating, delivering high-quality implementations of important new features including:

  • Fair-share scheduling - allocate resources between users and groups according to configurable policies
  • Job pre-emption - Ensure that critical users, jobs and groups have the resources they need - when they need them
  • Docker support - Providing application isolation, fast service deployment and cloud mobility
  • Cloud & VM friendly auto-scaling - Easily add or remove cluster nodes on the fly without cluster re-configuration

These features are in addition to the many advanced capabilities already in OpenLava including job arrays, run-windows, n-way host failover, job limits, dependencies for multi-step workflows, parallel job support and much more.

Born in the enterprise, at home in the cloud

From its enterprise roots managing on-premises clusters, OpenLava has earned its wings. Today OpenLava is just as capable in the cloud where clusters need to scale-up and down quickly. Being relieved of the need to track license usage and worry about compliance is a major convenience to cluster administrators and business owners. The ability to scale clusters on-the-fly, and take advantage of spot pricing on popular cloud platforms helps dramatically boost performance, improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Your cluster, your way

Users can download and use OpenLava for free subject to the terms of the GPLv2 open source license. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can optionally bundle OpenLava with their cluster-aware applications, providing end-users with a compelling alternative to costly commercial solutions.

For clients that don't want to be concerned with infrastructure, Teraproc's HPC Cluster-as-a-Service offering allows customers with AWS accounts to quickly and easily deploy ready-to-run OpenLava clusters in the cloud, ideal for a variety of applications in Computer-aided Engineering (CAE), Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Life Sciences and Financial Services. Supporting GPU capable nodes, Amazon spot pricing, and a variety of advanced features, Teraproc's cluster-as-a-service provides an easy way to deploy ready-to-run OpenLava clusters in minutes while avoiding the costs of commercial licenses. Users requiring assistance can contact Teraproc for top-quality OpenLava support.