OpenLava downloads

There are multiple ways of downloading and installing OpenLava. Users can download the free pre-packaged RPM or DEB files from Teraproc (recommended), download a source code tarball, or clone OpenLava directly from the GitHub repository.

Downloading the RPM file

To obtain the pre-compiled RPM file, visit and request the RPM files through the automated download process. Teraproc provides a 100% open-source distribution, but packages it for ease of installation.

After registering for the download, you will be sent an e-mail including links to both the latest OpenLava 3.0 and 2.2 releases in both RPM and DEB formats along with PDF instructions explaining the installation process.

Download source tarballs

Tarballs for different versions of OpenLava can be downloaded at the links below:

Obtain the sources from GitHub

OpenLava source code is also available on GitHub. OpenLava 3.0 is now the default branch. Users can still download the OpenLava 2.2 release if they choose. The major new features in 3.0 are hierarchical fairshare and preemption. OpenLava has also an integration with docker containers. The source code tree is available from a git repository:

git clone git://